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DVD Training Video
Learn To Screen Print

2 DVD disc set and Free Shipping!!!
Over 2 hours of instruction

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Only $34.95 - Order your copy today!

Learn To Screen Print - $34.95


Want to make money screen printing T-shirts?

Want to learn how to screen print T-shirts step-by-step?

Want simple, easy to follow procedures?

Then look no further! This is "the" video to buy on the subject of learning how to screen print T-shirts...Period!!!


2 Disc DVD Set

If you are new to the business of screen printing T-shirts my video will provide you with invaluable step-by-step instruction helping you get started in this fun and profitable business with ease. If you have already started screen printing T-shirts my video will show you what I did to streamline the process of screen printing T-shirts

What You Will Receive

When my video arrives, it will contain a DVD video disc that can be played on your set top DVD player or Computer DVD drive. Along with the DVD disc I include a user name and password to access my secure web site where detailed information covering all aspects of the screen printing business are presented for your benefit. Topics such as:

What chemicals do I need?
What emulsion works best?
Where do I buy my T-shirts?
What supplies do I need?
Excellent choices for Management software?
Artist who can do your artwork?
The top screen printer's Internet forum link?
What kind of equipment to buy?
Separation Software!!!
Photoshop addins!!!
and much, much more!

Also as a bonus I include additional video files that cover topics such as:

Working with Above Illustrator
Grayscale with Photoshop
Demos of 2 leading shop management software applications

I've done my best to include everything I know that will make your jump into the business of screen printing T-shirts easy and simple. Please note that I did not create my video in a staged environment, instead I recorded actual "Real Life" video as I went about the process of screen printing jobs for my customers. So there is no fancy studio or highly edited segments to try and sell you on how easy screen printing can be. My video covers actual time spent in my shop going step-by-step screen printing jobs. If I ran into a problem you'll see and get an explanation of what happened and why. Then you will see what I did to correct it and continue with the job.

Here is what 2 recent customers have to say about my video

Houston Screen Printing's video helped me start screen printing in a matter of days. HSP's video answered many questions that even the best books couldn't show me. Reading about the process is one thing. Seeing it in action is another. HSP shows the ins and outs of the business even including software applications used to run a screen printing business. If you are even remotely considering starting your own screen printing business or just wanting to print some shirts for your friends, this video will have you up and running in no time. It's truly is an absolute must for every screen printer!
Bryan R. from Dallas, Texas

Your video was excellent, compared to others I've seen. The reason being is that its more geared to the beginning and intermediate printer. Many of the video's that I've seen were more for advanced printers are those that were building their own units. I've been screen printing for about 3 years myself, so not a newbie, I'm far from being the most experienced. Why do I buy these videos? Because it seems that I keep learning a little more after watching each one. I've made more than one mistake I can tell you, but these help me keep from making the ones that I see here.

Want to make money screen printing T-shirts?

I'll be up front and say selling videos is not my main source of income. Screen printing T-shirts is!!! By learning what I will teach you in my video you will have the knowledge necessary to make money screen printing T-shirts You'll learn what chemicals you need to buy, what equipment you will need, and where to purchase garments at wholesale. I cover topics such as what type of management software you will need to purchase so you can run your business professionally and get more jobs because you can quote jobs faster then most shops. And remember as a BONUS I also include access to my secure web site area where I have segments on using Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator to manipulate artwork files and get them screen print ready. (No other video I've seen on ebay offers that currently!!!)

Bottom line if you apply what I teach you in my video, you will have a solid foundation to make a great income screen printing T-shirts But most of all you will shorten your learning curve by following what I teach. Don't risk that by purchasing another video, only to be disappointed. If you are serious about learning how to screen print T-shirts then STOP and look no further...Buy my Video!

A message from me to you!

Look, I want you to be successful in this business and I have put together this video in such a way that you will have all the required knowledge to make the decision for yourself if getting into the screen printing business is right for you. It makes no difference if you are just testing the waters, already purchased a press, or have been printing T-shirts for a while, my video will offer a much needed new insight on the business of screen printing T-shirts.

Remember seeing the magician do that magic trick? You were amazed and wondered how did he do that? My video takes that "magic" out of screen printing and shows you clearly, plainly, and realistically how it is done. Buy my video now and get started making money screen printing T-shirts!!!

Thank you,

Houston Screen Print


This item is a collection of video segments that were created by Houston Screen Print during actual production work. All video was recorded using a MiniDV camcorder and edited for content. These individual video files are being offered on 2 DVD disc set that can be played on your set top DVD player or computer DVD drive. In order to get the full benefit of this item you must also have an Internet browser to access the secure web site with added information. Together the video segments and web pages will offer you, in my opinion, the best training possible on screen printing T-shirts From time to time I will update the web page and post updated information which you as a customer will have access to. If for some reason your DVD player will not play our disc we will gladly replace it with VHS video tape.

Order your copy today and receive


Only $34.95 - Order your copy today!

Learn To Screen Print - $34.95



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