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Here Are Ways to Save Money on Your Next Order

A t-shirt is a great tool for self-expression. It can be used to tell the world what your organization stands for, to show solidarity or to simply express an attitude. It doesn’t matter whether you are a school in one of the seventeen school districts in Houston ISD taking part in a sporting event, or a company on a staff retreat at the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center; the right t-shirt will always enhance the experience.

While getting a new batch of t-shirts for every major event you are having may seem too expensive, it shouldn’t be. This is so especially if you make a few changes as far as your next t-shirt order is concerned. Here are useful tips that you should take advantage of.


·      Use fewer colors

The more colors you use in your design, the more the time it will take to be completed. The Houston t-shirt printer that you choose will have to dedicate more — in terms of labor, machine time and other resources — in order to get the work done. These additional costs will then be included in the final price quote.

Using fewer colors will reduce the amount of work that will have to be done to get your t-shirts ready. And since it will take less to get your t-shirts ready, the cost of your order will also be less.

·      Take advantage of negative space

A good way of ensuring that you use fewer colors without compromising, in terms of your designs, is to use negative space. For example, if you want to include green in your design, you can choose a green t-shirt. When you do this, there will be no need to apply the green color when processing your t-shirt. This will simplify the printing process, something that will eventually go a long way in helping to reduce your overall costs.


·      Simplify the design

Simple designs are less demanding as far as printing is concerned. If you use simple lines and uncomplicated designs, your Houston t-shirt printer won’t have to use specialized, and possibly more advanced, equipment. Designs with simple lines and flat colors also carry fewer risks. Messing up when printing them isn’t as easy as when dealing with complex designs. As a result, you will save a lot in terms of time and shipping costs. By opting for a simpler design, you will not only save on time, but also avoid the stress that sometimes accompanies the printing process.

·      Send print-ready work

Different t-shirt printers in Houston have different requirements. It is important to familiarize with their requirements. Doing so will minimize unnecessary delays. It will save you from the frustration of having to redo your designs or change their formats. It will therefore make the ordering process flawless. With everything in a ready-to-print format, you won’t have to incur additional expenses in a bid to redo the work.

Sending print-ready work will also help you avoid extra charges. If you don’t send print-ready work, the Houston t-shirt printer cannot use your designs as they are. They will therefore have to redesign them. They may have to change the file format, create layers and in some cases re-scale the work. This will require them to dedicate more time than they usually would on your work. They will also have to pay someone to make these changes. Add to this software and any other specialized material that will be necessary to process your work and you have a printing process that is bound to cost a lot.

Before starting the design process, confirm the file formats that your Houston t-shirt printer prefers. This is because some companies prefer Photoshop files while others prefer vector files. Starting the design process with this in mind will eliminate the need for redesigning or converting your designs. To make the process smoother, you can go a step further and make sure that you scale the designs for print. Doing this will save you both time and money.

Placing your order

·      Compare prices

Before settling on a given t-shirt printer, shop around. Compare the price that your Houston t-shirt printer is offering with those being offered by other printers. There is always a possibility of you getting a huge discount off what you are currently paying.

However, since going with the cheapest printer is not always the best strategy, considering recommendations from people you know will help. You can also check the comments on a printer’s social media profile and websites. Posts on various review websites might also come in handy in helping you decide on which firm offers the best value for your money.

·      Bulk orders

In order to encourage clients to order more, most t-shirt printers in Houston offer price breaks on large orders. They also do this simply because with larger orders, the cost per unit is usually lower.

If you can place large orders, do so. It is also important to remember that you can get significant discounts by simply combining orders.

However, you don’t need to place the largest order to get a discount. Most printers create classes of orders which tend to enjoy varying discounts. Sometimes, all you need to get a significant discount is to order a few more t-shirts. By checking your printer’s discounts, you can end up saving your organization a lot of money.


Negotiation is also plays a significant role as far as getting t-shirt printing costs is concerned. Therefore, don’t forget to negotiate. If you explain to your Houston t-shirt printer your needs and your pricing concerns, he or she may find a way to get the job done affordably by taking advantage of a few printing tricks.

For example, instead of applying a new color on your t-shirt, he or she can simply alter the shade of an existing color by overlapping the original color with layers of dots. As a result, you can end up getting exactly what you want without necessarily having to drain your bank account.


Take advantage of these tips and you will reduce the cost at which you print your t-shirts. Doing so will enable your organization to express itself as freely and as often as possible at an affordable price. Start your journey to affordable t-shirt expression and communication by contacting Houston Screen Print.

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