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T-Shirts For Brand Awareness

Are Custom T-Shirts the best way for your new brand to get known to the 2 million Houston inhabitants?

Every other week or so, you probably meet youngsters lining the streets of Houston, handing out flyers to willing passers-by. Soon afterwards, the street trash bins are full of these same printed papers that were meant to expose the brand in question, leave alone the tons of potential consumers who dismiss the flyers because of their simple nature. The billboard alternative may turn out less desirable given the humungous time, energy and money required to effectively set up and reach a considerable proportion of the targeted audience. Also, they have never proven effective for short term and temporary sales or promotions. Television ads may again be out of reach as regards the prohibitive costs. On and on we can add to the list, radio ads, newspaper ads, email-marketing, cold-calling, etc., but personally, I’ve never found a tool so effective as printing your brand logo and slogan or promotional message on a custom t-shirt.

Three major benefits of doing custom t-shirts in Houston

T-shirts ignite conversation
Imagine waking up on a bright Monday to find a team of energetic youth clad in Boudreaux’s custom t-shirts, or Addison Group, doing their promotional rounds in the streets. Obviously, the clothing is the first thing we notice when we spot someone. Immediately the talk of the town changes in favor of the brand. As the community gets talking about you, this automatically creates a lasting impression on the multitudes. New customers get drawn to your brand, and surprisingly feel the urge to be associated with you. More so, if the artwork on the t-shirts is adorable, people will strive to get the t-shirts, be it through buying products or getting them as free giveaways. A little demographic strategy will ensure every major town in Houston is covered, thus giving your brand unlimited exposure. Now the brand proudly stands out from the rest.
Quality t-shirts, needless to say, are never won once. They last many years. Time after time, somewhere some place, you’ll inevitably spot one or two fans clad in your brand, carrying the message far and wide every day. This advertising tool therefore qualifies to be termed long term; the message will be spread for years, without much additional effort from the initial distribution.
Creates a sense of belonging
From research, more than 50% of clients develop a positive opinion of a company that gives them a custom t-shirt. This way, the customers are more than likely to come back to your business for more products, by the mere fact that they have unconsciously developed a sense of belonging with your brand. Leaving alone the customers, the employees are turned into ambassadors of the brand. The brand gains a professional look to the outsider when the employees adorn themselves in such t-shirts, especially out there in the field. Definitely everyone would want to be associated with such a team of professionals. The uniform attire cements the company’s vision and mission. Then it is no longer a group but a team, one that is enthusiastic about the company, and has a deep sense of togetherness, and thus can work seamlessly to achieve the company’s objectives.
Custom t-shirts are economic
The very term advertising is feared by many investors simply because of the perceived high cost implications. As I said earlier, the likes of television and bill boards are way out of reach for small and medium sized enterprises. In these low economic times, a mushrooming brand would definitely want to lower production costs to the bare minimum. With custom t-shirts, you are able to advertise your brand within your budget. You may consider giving them as prize offers for your customers, those who purchase your goods or services. Otherwise, the t-shirts may be distributed strategically to the target audience. The employees also need to first on the line wearing these t-shirts. When produced in bulk, you normally get discounts and thus can surely promote your business without burning a hole in your pocket.

Where do I print custom t-shirt in Houston?

Houston Screen Print is a full service custom screen printing and embroidery company.  We decorate a variety of apparel and products with personalized artwork. With now thirteen years in the field, we have serviced numerous institutions, schools, teams, events and companies both locally and nationally.  With the understanding of the distinct differences and tastes amongst each and every one of our clients, we work individually with each client through the entire printing process so as to develop a tailor-made design that suitably suits that particular client. This is achieved by our dedicated design team, who employ the company’s inhouse facilities from the beginning to the end of the production chain.
For a successful screen printing job, you will need to specify the style of garment you need, whether ladies’ or men’s, v-neck or round-neck, short or long sleeved, cotton or linen or jersey, etc.. Next we need to know the color of the garment. The color of the ink combination used will definitely be determined by the color of the garment, for visibility purposes. You’ll likewise specify the location on the shirt you want the graphic printed, either front, back, or on the sleeves. Depending on the number of t-shirts to be printed, we will let you know whether your desired deadline is achievable or not.
Our ordering process is simple enough not to cause worry. First and foremost, after expressing your needs and us studying the nitty gritties of the same, we make a quotation and email you the invoice. This is payable online. Once approved, we print the t-shirts and ship them to your address.
Houston Screen Print continuously meets the growing needs of our customers, and therefore now stands one of the greatly admired garment decorators in and out of Houston. Our prices are very competitive, in addition to offers such as free shipping. Try us for quality a quality product that will last you years.

Located in West Houston, but we ship FREE all over Houston, Texas and the U.S.

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